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NH Business Gateway Methodology

By gatewayadmin

July 29, 2021

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Hi. My name is Nicola and I am the Founder of NH Business Gateway. If you have found yourself here by accident, you are here out of curiosity or you have a real interest in using NHBG’s services, you are all very welcome.

I started NHBG in 2014 after many years of Administration employment and desiring something more for myself that was more attuned to what I am good at. Communicating and building relationships!

Much of the services that NHBG offer, I have performed in various roles in employment and over the years and I had come to realise and acknowledge what I really can offer,  and how I can use that to build and promote relationships, my business and work with others to build theirs. And so NH Business Gateway was born…

NH Business Gateway’s role as a Business Development company is to raise your brands awareness with the people and organisations that matter in your operational field and to get you in front of them as a real opportunity for future project tenders and specifications.

Sales Force Integration

NHBG will operate for you as an extension of your sales force, whatever the set up. We will work with you and your team to understand the areas each sales executive operates, the clients and projects you may be targeting and the products you provide CPD seminars for. We can work with you to develop and improve your technical presentations for CPD approval where required and can provide advice on attaining accreditation to relevant organisations.

We build collaborative relationships with your sales team, taking care of all of the Business Development project work from start to finish. This is tailored to your requirements and can include the creation of all CPD documentation – including the integration of your logos and corporate identifications, all CPD booking arrangements from calendar integration to parking, equipment and catering arrangements as well as the creation and issuing of attendance certificates.

Your sales team, when provided with an “open door” by our scheduling team, merely need to “walk through the door and shake hands with the key decision makers!”  This puts more selling time into your sales team, takes away time consuming administration tasks, maximising their ability to deliver quality presentations and secure future orders for your company.

Quality time investment not Scatter gun time wasting

Have you ever been in a position where a Telesales Marketing provider has “over-promised” and “under-delivered”? I see this far too often in this industry and have been on the receiving end of this behaviour – which if I’m honest with you, is disrespectful to you and your team.

Through my relationship building and communication skills, NHBG has set itself apart from others by enhancing our USP with a personal service, bonding relationships from a Business Development aspect.

At NHBG we are very proud of the results we achieve and the processes and standards we have developed, to achieve these results on a consistent basis for all of our clients.

NHBG will get to know you, your Business’s sales force, whatever the set up, and your products so that we can target the right opportunities with the right audience for your products, team and business.

We have taken time over the years of developing our process’s to build relationships with many of the leading Architectural Practices across the nation. We ensure, through our communication channels, that we identify the key decision makers helping to achieve and maintain our outstanding opportunity retention statistics.

NHBG do not believe in the “numbers game” approach to booking “opportunities” and appointments for your business. Using a tick box approach results in cancelled appointments, low show up rates and poor morale in your sales team.

We will not, in your name, pressurise or pester anyone to accept an appointment and our extensive experience is able to judge when we need to back off, and revisit the potential opportunity at a later date. It is that willingness and ability to build that rapport with your potential opportunities – that enables us to put you in front of people that want to hear about your products and business.

NHBG pride ourselves on the standard of the opportunities we will put in place for you. Once we have confirmed an arranged CPD, we achieve a completion through to the event of over 95%? It is a testament to the approach we employ, and the excellent communication skills we have developed that get you and keep you those opportunities.


‘Our personalised approach always cares for and considers the well-being of any staff and client’s we work with – interpreting a client’s requirements and delivering success, based on need and not pressure’.


“To be focused, precise and caring towards all customers and contacts, provide continuity, and a well-known structured ‘Start to Finish’ methodology.

“A commitment to your organisation – by offering a personal Business Development Service which fully supports your own Marketing and Sales vision”

We may not be the right fit for you if you desire:

“Scatter-gun, Insecure opportunities, tick-box system, purely a hard call centre approach – these all go against NH Business Gateway’s ethos”

Hopefully this has given you an insight into who we are and what we can do for your brand, and the standards we hold dear in our business and on your behalf. Together, with a little time investment, we can secure you opportunities with the right audience for your products and free up your sales force to do more of what you have them for. Selling!

If you wish to discuss how NHBG can help you and your business then please use one of the contact streams to connect with me, Nicola & The Team


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