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NH Business Gateway was founded by Nicola Hancock, who previously worked for the SFS Group from 1989 to 2002.  Therefore Nicola's experience and knowledge has ensured that NH Business Gateway has an extensive awareness of a lot of  OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and architects within the construction industry.  Her duration at the SFS Group is where she  learnt the ‘art’ of communication and relationship building during this period of time.  As time passed since leaving, she realised the depth and breadth of her knowledge and skill, which is why she started the business back in 2014.

As the business grew it has worked cohesively alongside companies such as Metalbox Technologies UAE, Rockwool Middle East, SFS Intec Ltd Middle East, Hambleside Danelaw Limited (UK), Bemo Project Engineering, BTS Facades and Fabrications, and Paroc Panel Systems UK, providing a whole host of services as required.

NH Business Gateway was established in 2014, growing steadily to become a sought-after independent Business Development Service provider.

NH Business Gateway has continually used its unique system to successfully secure the appointments that these businesses required, and unlike other similar companies, appointments ‘remain 100% secure’ due to the care taken in building these connections on behalf of all clients and validating all worthwhile leads.  The business carries a healthy ethos on the way it wishes to promote its clients.

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