B2B Appointment Setting

Manufacturing, Construction and IT industry sales appointment setting.

Setting B2B appointments sounds like a simple task doesn't it? Unfortunately 50% of sales appointment time is wasted on ineffective meetings and unproductive prospecting. Imagine 50% of your sales team salary going to waste and losing valuable B2B sales leads.

Do you know whether each lead coming into your business is qualified against your specific set of criteria to become your customer? Qualifying a lead helps you determine whether the prospect is worth pursuing; which means spending vital time and resources; and if they're in a position to invest in your business. NH Business Gateway can help you ensure that your resources are well spent.

At NH Business Gateway, we pride ourselves on 100% show-up rates to highly qualified meetings. No more nervously walking from your car to the prospect's building wondering if the purchasing manager has remembered your meeting or hoping nothing "urgent" has pulled them away from your appointment.

NH Business Gateway will help you assess if your leads fit your target customer profile. If they don't? They simply don't make the cut and we won't arrange meetings with them.

Our B2B appointment setting services apply to construction, manufacturing and fabrication businesses among others. If you're unsure whether we can help, please get in touch.

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