B2B Sales Tracking and Lead Validation

Construction industry sales and lead validation

When your marketing team generate leads, they pass them on to your sales team. Trouble is, your sales team doesn't know how well the leads are qualified. Indeed your marketing team doesn't have the time or resources to validate each sales lead properly.

Up to 45% of leads can be what we call non-leads. Invalid leads can waste a lot of time and can include:

  • Spam
  • Sales solicitation
  • Inquiries from job applicants
  • Irrelevant inquiries - such as for products/services you don't offer
  • Leads where the prospect is not at the optimum stage to buy your product

Working within the construction industry we help you validate your incoming leads to identify true sales leads. Although we don't generally generate leads, we can work with you to do so on a case-by-case basis. We can also tell for example which architect firm will suit your business requirements through our intelligent lead tracking solutions.

We can offer the IT team the right lead generation systems e.g. Sales Navigator, ABI Barbour, Glenigan, etc.

We take the product, warm up the lead and qualify prospects properly so that when you get your sales representatives in front of the right person, they can close them effortlessly. Having high quality leads coming to your sales team regularly, offers a culture shift - one where sales teams are hungry for the next lead to come in - instead of getting that insecure feeling when they just don't know what's coming next.

What we do isn't selling. We maximise the opportunity by communicating effectively and employing telemarketing skills. 

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