B2B Marketing/PR

Marketing and PR for the B2B manufacturing and construction industry.

Marketing and PR can be great assets for your company. When done wrong, it can damage your reputation beyond repair. But when done right, and in the hands of the experts in the field, marketing and PR can do wonders for construction and manufacturing industry.

Whether your goal is to appeal to other businesses to do business with you, or to appeal to the masses with your show-homes, you can rest assured that NH Business Gateway can work with you as part of a winning team.

Not only are you working with someone you can trust, but our complete managed service means that you don't have to deal with additional procurement and contracting headaches. If you have an in-house marketing team, we will work cohesively with your team, to ensure that they're kept in the loop as well as having NH Business Gateway support you with leads and new business opportunities  that we create and develop in collaboration with your team(s).

To help you get highly effective marketing and PR, we will deep-dive into your business objectives to fully understand the goals for your marketing and PR. We will work with your communications team to design campaigns tailored to your ideal market. We're able to do this because we have many years of expertise and experience within the B2B construction and manufacturing industries. Experience which can be relied upon to shortcut the "learning curve" that other business would have to go through to be able to support you.


Our marketing and PR experts will combine the industry knowledge of NH Business Gateway with their creative juices to create unique campaigns which will humanise your brand, regardless of which channels of marketing you wish to use.


We know you have a great brand story to tell. Through effective marketing and PR, you can create a connection with your prospects before they even engage with you. 


Marketing and PR must come together in an integrated form, across the platforms that your business uses to bring you the desired results - i.e. more leads into your business. When you're working with NH Business Gateway and our partners, you can be assured that we will always deliver the results we promise.

Whether it's B2B manufacturing or construction marketing - we can help!

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