B2B Project Tracking

B2B Project Tracking

Research shows that companies who actively manage their pipeline see up to 28% higher revenue growth.

A healthy pipeline is filled with High quality leads which can be quickly moved to purchase.

Project Tracking or any Pipeline work can be carried out on your behalf by NH Business Gateway standing shoulder to shoulder with you, managing your sales pipeline. We can advise and support you through intelligent lead tracking solutions utilising lead generation systems such as Glenigan or ABI Barbour. Managing the sales process from Planning to detailed design through to Main Contractor / Sub-Contractor Awarded. Identifying and setting appointments for your sales team with the key stakeholders throughout - previous clients have used this service where access to their in-house CRM, pipeline software was provided.

Supply Chain Management (PSL) . NH Business Gateway can help identify and develop key account opportunities with strategically important clients to promote your inclusion on their preferred supplier list with a view to a meeting set-up for yourselves to be included as a ‘preferred’ supplier and gaining access to any associated pipeline.

 In addition we can assist in the effective management of these and even existing supply chain pipelines which will improve the return you get from them.

Outsourced Sales is Your Answer.
Trying something new or entering a new market to build revenue can be a scary endeavor. Building your pipeline and getting in front of new people is a hard skill to master.

But, partnering with an outsourced sales team is a low-risk, low-cost way to gain an edge in the market without overburdening your internal team or hiring additional in-house sales team members. This allows your existing team to specialize in later-stage, higher-value tasks that take you to then next level and help you crush your quotas.

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